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Java Monkey Speaks Featuring Amena Brown

Amena Brown is an author, spoken word poet, speaker, and event host. The author of five spoken word albums including her most recent release Amena Brown Live and non-fiction books Breaking Old Rhythms and How to Fix a Broken Record, Brown performs and speaks at events from coffeehouses to arenas with a mix of poetry, humor, and storytelling. She and her husband, DJ Opdiggy, reside in Atlanta, GA.

Hosted by Theresa Davis

The list goes up 7:30ish this event is free.
Show starts at 8pm
We pass the hat for out of town features.

No hate speech, homophobia, sexism, racism or general fuckery.

Come on through listen to poetry and music, have a sandwich, a bottle of beer, a glass of wine, or a piece of pie!

Java Monkey

425 Church St, Decatur, Georgia 30030