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Carapace: Turnaround

January's theme: TURNAROUND!

Bring a five to seven-minute story about reversal, a change in direction, sudden doubling-back ... in love, among the family, or on the job. Maybe you got a surprise, nasty or nice. Maybe you delivered one. Did you master the turnaround jump shot in high- school basketball and win the game (and the cheerleader) (or not)? We wanna hear. Could be, during the holidays just past, you had a flight-related adventure during that layover, when turnaround time wasn't what you hoped. Tell, please. C'mon down to Manuel's at the appointed day and hour. 

Turns out that the date is associated with events happy and sad. In 1570, James Stewart, the first Earl of Moray, regent for the infant King James VI of Scotland, and the star of "It's a Wonderful Life," got himself assassinated by firearm -- the first time it ever happened. Not so wonderful. On the other hand, in 1997, Madeline Albright became the first woman to serve as U.S. Secretary of State. Hot! In that Meryl Streep-y way. 

I have to ask: Can you hear the word "turnaround" without hearing "Turn around, bright eyes" from the Bonnie Tyler song, "Total Eclipse of the Heart"? If you could have done so five minutes ago, I bet you can't now. Cool but altogether coincidence (if you believe in coincidence) that we're having a total eclipse of the moon at the end of this month. 

Every now and then we get a little bit lonely, bright eyes, so we hope you'll consider dropping in at Manuel's for the next Carapace. Drop your name in the hat or just listen. It's free as always. Our fabulous and funny host Cris Gray will guide us through the land of true personal stories, chocked as it is with delight, and sometimes terror, and very often turnarounds. 

Manuel's Tavern
602 North Highland Ave NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30307

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