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Curate Presents: A February Writing Workshop

Please join the Curate Team for our monthly writing workshop! The workshop will be facilitated by Harlem’s Own: Lyric this month! We welcome all poets and writers, beginners and experts, to participate in this creative space.

Workshop: 3pm-4:30pm
Suggested Donation for facilitator: $5

Harlem’s Own: Lyric is a spoken word artist whose story-telling journeys through history and politics from the lens of black womanism as a reflection of her interactions with systemic injustice. She uses her work to call a spade a spade and dismantle patriarchal systems that advance misogynist rhetoric and/or the mainstream feminist narrative of progress. She seeks to bring a narrative of joy to the black experience through her work, but somewhere behind that smile is an at-rest face that is an unwavering and unapologetic combination of “Yeah I said it” and “Who’s going to check me boo”?

Ebrik Coffee Room-Decatur
309 E College Ave, Decatur, Georgia 30030