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LOVE HURTS: Prepare a five-minute tale about a love that made you go OUCH. The agony of deferred love! The misery of good love, gone bad! The anguish of one-way love! Bring stories of your heart, kicked to the curb by the people or places or things you love...or used to love. Love that "Hurts So Good" also welcome.

About Moth:

The Georgia-born storytelling show, The Moth returns to the state where it all began – just in time for its 20th anniversary. The force behind the popular Moth Radio Hour and the Moth podcast kicks off its series at Dad’s Garage Theatre. The Moth’s signature monthly StorySLAM competitions are open mic events during which anyone can put his or her name into the “hat” to be randomly selected to share a story on a particular theme. Those interested in participating in The Moth’s Atlanta StorySLAM should prepare a five minute story inspired by this month’s theme.

The Moth’s Atlanta StorySLAM will be held at Dad’s Garage on the third Monday of every month. Tickets go on sale the second Monday of every Month.


Dad's Garage Theatre

569 Ezzard St SE, Atlanta, GA 30312