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Scene and Song Presents Magic Missilanta!

Scene and Song Presents Magic Missilanta!
Atlantans Perform Original Music, Comedy, and More About Dungeons & Dragons!

Location: Highland Inn Ballroom Lounge
644 North Highland Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30306
Date: February 21
Showtime: 9PM » Doors Open @ 8PM
Price: $10
Ages: 18+

PRODUCED BY: Jason Mallory & Ellaree Yeagley
HOUSE BARD: Cherry Del Rosario

Nick Tecosky & Lauren Vogelbaum
Rara Imler
Tribe One
Travis Broyles
The Killing Blow: Puppetry by Brodrick Jones of NYC with Beau Brown
Dance Performance by Jenny Nichols

Fire up your illithid-powered Spelljammer and make your way down to our favorite tavern in the Forgotten Realms—aka the Virginia Highlands—the Highland Inn & Ballroom Lounge! From Dragonlance to Dark Sun, we're bringing you a night of music, burlesque, comedy and magic celebrating our favorite fantasy tabletop role-playing game!!!

You'll wish you were a beholder when our performers take the stage because you’ll need more eyes to take in all the splendor in front of you!! We've got the best performers from across the planes making you feel like they cast “charm person” on you as they roll a nat 20 on their performance checks!! Not only that but our host and resident dungeon master Julian Modugno will spin you a yarn of EPIC-LEVEL ENTERTAINMENT while Cherry Del Rosario, the greatest bard since Gimble, will be performing D&D-themed songs music along with Tribe One the Destroyer!!

And if that's not enough to make you slither out of your lairs, we'll be giving away special D&D-themed prizes during the show for best costumes and more!! Put on your shiniest chain mail and polish up your slippers of spiderclimb and you just might win one of our incredible prizes!!!

So hop on your hippogriff, or just step through a dimension door, and come on down to Scene and Song Presents Magic Missilanta, the only show in Atlanta that will flay your mind… WITH ENTERTAINMENT.

Highland Inn & Ballroom Lounge
644 N Highland Ave NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30306

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