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Transgression Presents: Second Star to the Right: Hook's Revenge

Mar 22 - Mar 31 at 8pm each night.

Second Star to the Right: Hook's Revenge is the epic conclusion of Transgression's three episode adaptation of J.M. Barrie's classic Peter Pan. Performances at the former Dante's Down the Hatch in Underground Atlanta.

Kidnapped by Hook's Pirates at the end of Episode Two: The Neverlands, Episode Three finds the Lost Boys and Darling children prisoners on Captain Hook's Ship, the Jolly Roger. Fearing their demise at the hands of ruthless pirates, and the vengeful Hook, they eagerly await Peter Pan's arrival to rescue them from a watery grave.

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Series Note: Each episode of Second Star to the Right is a stand alone story that does not require you to see previous episodes to be enjoyed.


TRANSGRESSION, Deer Bear Wolf’s immersive literary experience has taken a theatrical approach. The motley crew has been exploring J.M. Barrie’s classic Peter Pan in a 3-part series of performances hosted at various venues. Hook's Revenge is the third and final performance in the series.

Our 6th installment of Transgression has been a three episode performance at three different venues that launched in May of 2017. Transgression’s first scripted performances have enlisted the help of local creatives, actors and set designers to create a truly immersive and tactile environment to fully envelope the audience within the story.

Underground Atlanta
50 Upper Alabama St SW, Atlanta, Georgia 30303