Adam Robinson | Episode 12

When people stop by for an episode of Lit and Bruised they sometimes bring something with them. Adam Robinson came in like an indie lit Santa bringing not only a handful of the newest release from his press, Publishing Genius, but he also brought crafted drinks, and a special guest for a special announcement.

Great conversation with Adam about the hobbies that drive creativity, publishing, and we might have a reading tour of just Wisconsin in the works now with Adam. It’s not a new idea and it’s not the worst idea, but it is one worth calling a tour, The Worsening.


Adam Robinson runs Publishing Genius, an award-winning small press, and Real Pants, a website about literature and the new literary community. He works as a publishing consultant and has taught publishing courses in the MFA program at University of Baltimore and presented at numerous other colleges and publishing programs. 

His first book, Adam Robison and Other Poems, was nominated for the Goodreads Poetry Award, and he self-published his second book, Say Poem, in 2010. He is also the editor of Our Primary Focus, an e-book about small press culture as described in interviews with writers, book sellers and publishers.

We hope you enjoy the episode.