Halloween Reading | Episode 13

Happy Halloween!

What better way to celebrate today than with a reading of scary stories read by some of Atlanta's best writers. These stories are surely creepy, ghoulish, and downright devilish in their exploration of what brings fear into our hearts and minds.

This episode is like going to a reading at the Highland Inn & Ballroom Lounge without having to pay, park, or have awkward conversations with other writers.

Kelley Outler teaches English Literature and Theater in the Atlanta area. When she isn't marking student writing, she is crafting her own weird little pieces.

Jason Stanaland is a writer from Decatur, GA who writes about what he experiences as he navigates the world through airplanes, hammocks, screen porches and pine forests. Jason has been featured on The Five Hundred and author of rhythmicbursts.com.

Derek Prall is an award-winning journalist and fiction writer. He’s the managing editor of a small national publication that no one has ever heard of, and he’s read his work at Transgression and Phoenix Fest. He considers himself to be a relatively sound person – at least by professional writer standards, but he has trouble sleeping. Some nights he stays up late doing crossword puzzles, picking locks or sharpening his long, thin knives.

Gina Rickicki is an Atlanta-based actor/improviser/writer that is thrilled to be sharing a spooky story for this Halloween. She ran the live lit punk show Naked City for 4 years, and has also shared her writing at Write Club, Scene Missing, Bleux Stockings, and other random places around town. She acts all over, and is currently (as of original airing) in "Morningside" at Georgia Ensemble Theatre. She's also a General Company member at Dad's Garage Theatre, where she hosts a bonkers Facebook livestream every Sunday at 11am called "Gina's Garbage Hour", a show that exists solely for a silly, weird hour of relief from the heaviness of the world. 

Music provided in this episode Bruther Brown and Monochrome Sweatsuit of Crispin Wah.

We hope you enjoy the episode and have a happy Halloween!