DOPE GIRLS | Beca Grimm and Katie Lambert | Episode 4

Dope Girls Zine has quickly made a name for itself in Atlanta and beyond. Focused on the idea that there is much to get done while high, the zine is also trying to shine a lighter on the often ignored feminine side of cannabis culture.

We sat down with co-founder Beca Grimm and contributor Katie Lambert to talk cannabis, and the fundraising focus of the zine.

Beca Grimm is an Atlanta-based editor and writer. Besides holding the Dope Girls helm with Rachel Hortman and Krystal Visions, she's weekend editor at NYLON and regularly contributes writing to GQ, Rolling Stone, Glamour, and others. Reproductive justice is her major philanthropic focus.

Katie Lambert is mostly, but not always, a health writer. Her work has appeared on The Awl, Racked, and HLN.

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* Full Disclaimer. John loosened up by using legal CBD. We don't recommend using a body relaxer before recording a podcast. Especially if your style would be considered manic.