Blake Butler | Episode 8

Author Blake Butler came by the apartment a few weeks ago. Currently he is working on a new novel, so we decided to set a ground rule for the episode: no literature talk.

It was a great time catching up with Blake as we examined the economy of our childhood (gotta sell garbage for a profit… or a pencil case) and conspiracy theories.


Blake Butler is the author of five book-length works of fiction, including 300,000,000 (Harper Perennial), Sky Saw (Tyrant Books), There is No Year (Harper Perennial), Scorch Atlas (Featherproof Books), and Ever (Calamari Press), as well as the nonfictional Nothing: A Portrait of Insomnia (Harper Perennial). His fourth novel, Alice Knott, will be published by Riverhead in 2019.

We’ll be sure to have Blake on again, maybe to talk about books, maybe not.

We hope you enjoy the episode.

Matt and John will be speaking at the Modern Media Conference this Thursday at Georgia State University.

Prose, Poetry and Pods: Utilizing Creative Writing and Community Through Podcasting And Beyond

Whether wanting to start a podcast or a reading series the architecture of the artistic community around you will hold the narrative needed to start. We’ve got the hosts of Atlanta-based literary podcast (Lit & Bruised) here to talk about how they started their show and how they’ve worked to nurture a community in readings and online.
Matt DeBenedictis & John Carroll, writers and hosts of Lit & Bruised
218 Student Center East
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Click here, if you'd like more info on the Modern Media Conference at GSU.

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