Tom Cheshire | Episode 9

Little bit different of an episode this time around.

For those who know, Tom Cheshire is an artist all to his own. He’s known mainly as the frontman and troubadour of bands like The Rent Boys, All Night Drug Prowling Wolves, and West End Motel (a band he co-founded with Brent Hinds of Mastodon).

Tom’s poetry has the same flair, honesty, and heart that is in his music. We’re honored to not only have Tom come on to chat and read his work, but he was also joined by Brian Kincheloe of West End Motel.


This episode is bookended by a performance done on the street side in the Highlands. Tom and Brian play two new songs, “Another Day” and “Not Messing Around”. 

Tom Cheshire is a poet and songwriter. He recently put out a collection of poems last year called Unevenly Yolked and has a record coming out called Bad with Names, Good with Faces on December 1st with his band West End Motel.

We hope you enjoy the episode.