Myke Johns | Episode 6

Myke Johns is a public radio producer in Atlanta, Georgia, where he co-anchors WRITE CLUB, a live lit series which kicks the ass of most any poetry reading you’d care to name. His radio work has garnered awards from the Georgia Association of Broadcasters and the Associated Press. His writing has appeared in The Bitter Southerner, Creative Loafing Atlanta, SLAB, the anthology "Bare-Knuckled Lit" and several other fine places. He records punk songs about being a dad under the band name Meaning of Everything.


This episode gets deep and very quickly as Myke addresses why he's a reformed Facebook ranter after having a "come to El Guapo" moment. Of course with any conversation with Myke rage and passion are on deck about music reissues that don't honor the original artwork.

Myke reads a recently published piece, "First, There Is a Mountain". John also bullies him into reading his favorite of Myke's work, "Escalation", which can be seen in text form over at The Five-Hundred

You can follow some of his writing at his blog

His new album can be listened to and bought over at Meaning of Everything's Bandcamp page.

We hope you enjoy the episode.