Books, Booze & Beats | Mike Jordan and Jacinta Howard | Episode 18

This week’s episode is a real treat as we got to sit down with Jacinta Howard and Mike Jordan. 

Recorded a few weeks ago, we spoke with Mike and Jacinta about Ja Rule, how the two of them met (married writers ya’ll), and the reading series they host Lit: Books, Booze & Beats.

A different than the standard reading— Lit: Books, Booze & Beats (which is every second Tuesday of the month at Monday Night Garage, in Southwest Atlanta) is all about the audience reading and what books they brought. 

“If you’re at home and you’re reading a book what are you probably also doing? You’re probably, if you drink, having a drink and you probably have some music on, “ Jordan tells us of the idea that brought the reading series together — getting book recommendations. “Let's do that in public and let everyone hear what you’re recommending to your friend, or new friends who are now here.”

Of course, there’s more to it than that... that’s why beats is in the name. While people are reading a passage from a book that goes along with the curated theme of the month, Jacinta puts music behind the reader creating a unique reading experience. This is not the typical reading music.

A longtime journalist and lifelong music lover, Jacinta Howard resides in the Atlanta area with her daughter and husband. She finds happiness in the pages of a great novel, on the beach, listening to good music and hanging with her family. She is the author of women's fiction and contemporary romance, a USA TODAY Must-Read Author and a two-time RONE Award nominee.  

Mike Jordan is an Atlanta-based writer and editor. His work has been published at Thrillist,  American Way magazine, Creative Loafing, The Huntsville Times and more (see more at MuckRack). His 20 years of experience includes working with Cox Media Group, InterContinental Hotels Group, Splash, Eventbrite, Cumulus Media and LaFace Records. 

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We hope you enjoy the episode.