Jason Mallory and Eli Banks | Episode 20

When we got word that Jason Mallory was resurrecting the pop culture/art spectacular series Scene and Song Missing we knew we had to have him on the show to talk about how everything came together.

Running a show ain’t easy. No real surprise, but when Jason stopped by with Eli Banks from Twinhead Theatre we ended up talking about the lessons all four of has had learned over the years. 

We also talk a lot about 9/11.

“If you’re gonna run a show anywhere, in any city, (big or small) you have to manage your time and protect yourself from some really intense stuff,” Mallory said in between 9/11 conversations and personal philosophy involving jump-suit Marta riders.

We couldn’t agree more.

This Episode was recorded back in December before Scene and Song Missing had a triumphant return with the Prince themed night, ATLet's Go Crazy! Also featured on this episode is live recordings from past Scene/Song Missing shows featuring Cherry Del Rosario and Jason Mallory.

Jason Mallory is a writer and show-runner in Atlanta, GA. He runs the live pop culture variety show "Scene and Song" every month at the Highland Ballroom. Check out their "Magic Missilanta" show on Feb. 21st celebrating Dungeons and Dragons.

Eli Banks is the co-artistic director of Twinhead Theatre, where he has been producing, acting, writing, and directing since 2005. He enjoys committing to tight deadlines and playing in high stress environments, cause it makes the rest of life so very very chill. Catch him next at the Atlanta Fringe Festival June 6th-10th in Little Five Points!

We hope you enjoy the episode.