Coming of Age Reading | Steven Williams, Jyll Thomas, and John Carroll | Episode 23

Coming of age stories are a staple of literature and we just love them here on the show. The situations that drive people to leave the innocence of childhood for the complexity of adulthood are in a sense universal, so it’s not really surprising that each generation has their own coming of age stories they relate and cling to — along with the classics that rightfully continue to shape art.

So we decided to have a themed show around Coming of Age stories with Steven Williams and Jyll Thomas.

“Calling it fiction is just bullshit, “ Steven Williams said of his writing. “This thing happened to Steven and if it’s personal and sentimental I’ll write it from the perspective of a girl. They’ll never know it’s me.”

Jyll Thomas added in succinctly that this type of writing is fiction based on fact.

At the last minute, our third reader was unavailable to make it so John stepped in and read.


Steven Williams is a College Park native who currently lives with a motley collection of friends and pets. He's performed at The Phoenix Festival, Smut Slam ATL, and more. His writing can be found on gutwrench and The Five Hundred.

Jyll Thomas is a writer and storyteller. Her work has appeared in Paste Magazine, the anthology We Wrote a Book by The Five Hundred and gutwrench magazine. She has hit the stage at Carapace, Case Studies and Write Club. Jyll recently attended an intensive writer’s workshop at the University of Iowa and is at work on a modern fairy tale novel.


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We hope you enjoy the episode.