Christina Lee | Episode 28

Atlanta’s Hip Hop culture is like a shining star in the sky. The country and the world looks to this city to see what’s going to be the next evolution — the possible next game changer. Christina Lee is a music journalist focused on telling the stories of the culture from within Atlanta. Here’s a great video of her interviewing Organized Noize’s Sleepy Brown from his lecture at the Red Bull Music Academy that shouldn’t ever be missed.

John and Matt first met Christina working together at the defunct culture website Purge ATL so it was a great chance to catch up, as well as for Christina to tell us how she got to where she is. When on one of her first big jobs, following Waka Flocka Flame during a video shoot for, everything for her fell into place.

“It became abundantly clear what I needed to do, and even though I didn’t completely know what I was doing I saw that it was interesting, I saw that it was exciting, and I saw that there was a demand for it.”


Christina Lee is a music and culture journalist who has written for The Guardian, Rolling Stone, Buzzfeed, Pitchfork and Complex. She once watched Gucci Mane read a press release.

Conversation topics included:

  • What would be Captain’s Hook walkout song?
  • Purge ATL
  • Dashboard Confessional 
  • Reading old Spin magazines on Google Books
  • Christina getting engaged while International Players Anthem by UGK and OutKast played
  • Roseanne
  • Who Christina would like to interview (surprising answer)
  • Bun B talking to Trump supporters

* Matt incorrectly attributes The Corruption of The American Republic by David Frum to David Brooks.

* For John here’s a link to the Bone Thugs-N-Harmony video Ft Phil Collins

We hope you enjoy the episode