Gutwrench Journal | Episode 27

Are you looking for a good place to submit your writing in Atlanta? We’re big fans of Gutwrench Journal and if you've got some hard-hitting prose that goes for a knockout, Gutwrench may be a great place to submit your work. 

Right now they are taking submissions for their next issue to be out later this summer. 

Unlike many other publications the editors of Gutwrench work directly with writers to craft and challenge the submission to go further than what is first submitted. If you submit and they like what they read, you’ll be having coffee with Daniel Lamb and Benjamin Carr to take your work to the next level. 

We sat down with both Daniel and Benjamin to talk about how they started the journal and their favorite pieces they’ve published. They also brought with them two contributors, Maddie Fay and Randy Osborne, who both read from their published Gutwrench work.


While in conversation with Randy Osborne, who’s far from a newbie on what it takes for a good story, as he is the host of the legendary storytelling series Carapace, shared his experience with how much writing it takes to complete a piece.

“(Writing) is like a sport and you should train for it accordingly. Be used to being on your ass for a long time, and be used to balling paper up and throwing it away, and crying a little bit. Or maybe a lot, but you will get used to it and you’ll create something.” Randy added, “I don’t know how to get around that rule.” 

Conversation topics included: 

Maddie Fay is a writer, professional storyteller, and technical contractor for theater. Her favorite places close to home are Dad's Garage and a particular abandoned concrete factory, her favorite band is the Mountain Goats, and her favorite Spice Girl is Scary. 

Randy Osborne's writing is listed in the Notables section of Best American Essays for 2015 and 2016. His work has been published in four print anthologies and nominated three times for the Pushcart Prize, as well as Best of the Net. It has appeared in Salon, The Rumpus, Scene Missing, Thread, and other small magazines, as well as the Chicago Tribune, Atlanta Journal Constitution, San Francisco Bay Guardian, and St. Louis Post-Dispatch. He lives in Atlanta, where he recently finished a book-length collection of essays. 

We hope you enjoy the episode.