Nicholas Tecosky | Episode 26

When we had our first live event back in January the only performer who had not already been on the show was Nicholas Tecosky. We knew we had to change that this season, and what a wild ride our conversation was with the viceroy of Write Club Atlanta -- which Nicholas runs along side Myke Johns.


Getting on the Write Club stage is not easy. There’s a lot of pressure on that stage…even for the ringleader of the literary bouts. Nicholas brings up how he battles the anxiety by creating the viceroy character.

“If I can channel that into a character then I think of the person that hosts Write Club Atlanta as a totally different person,” Nicholas said as we discussed the very rare topic of battling the sometimes overwhelming fears of performance or reading.  “As soon as I’m on stage and talking all of the anxiety floats away because I’m no longer myself. It’s easy to talk at people that way.”

This episode is also the first one where guests now sign the yellow couch. Thanks for the idea Nicholas!

Conversation topics included: 

  • The benefits of micro-dosing mushrooms
  • The difference between John Carroll and "Johnny" Carroll
  • What’s your vice before death?
  • Turning into your parents as you get older
  • Without the internet would any of us have jobs? Probably not.

Nicholas Tecosky is a writer based in Atlanta, Georgia. He was one of the screenwriters of the horror omnibus V/H/S, which premiered at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival. He hosts the philanthropic competitive reading series Write Club Atlanta, and is one of the editors of the Write Club-­based literary magazine Tender Bloodsport

Nick has lent his voice to over 150 audio book titles, including Death of Sweet Mister by Daniel Woodrell, which was included on the American Library Association's 2013 "Listen List". Recently, he became internet famous for meowing at his cat.

We hope you enjoy the episode.